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    "After trying dozens of other “SEO Companies” pretending to have an inside track with Google, I've got nothing but glowing accolades to say about Stellar and their outstanding work for us." - R.C.

    "They get my highest recommendation. This SEO company is worth the money." - T.L

    "It's upsetting to think about how much time and money we wasted on PPC. You guys are the REAL marketing pros that generate results. " - L.S.

    "Through Stellar's persistence we started to see results (where we saw none before). Slow at first then, BOOM, our phones lit up. Our Search Engine based calls jumped from $10K a month to $30K , just like that. Without a doubt the best decision I've made for my marketing" - A.D,

    "In a world of online marketing companies that promise the sun moon and stars, Stellar-eMarketing made no such grand promises and gave me the honest straightforward answers that laid out a great strategy and worked with me directly to ensure I was being understood and that my goals for my website and the interest I can garner for my company are being met." - A.M.

    "I've spent literally $15,000 on internet marketing with Yodle, Reach Local & Yellow Pages (and tons of other things) which has, for the most part, been flushed down the drain! I am super pleased with this, as this time it has already paid for itself within the first month! Thank You." - M.J." - M.J.

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Best Local SEO Company

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Our flagship service is and has always been Local SEO. 

Local SEO is your new phone book. If done well, it generates the same types of business that you used to get in the 90’s from your phone books. People always have been and will be searching for you, but are you where they are looking? That’s our specialty.


Why us?

  • We’ve done it all, from brand-new local campaigns to damage control on Google-nuked websites.
  • We’ve got the top local SEO strategists for both local businesses and national businesses executing a national, local SEO strategy.
  • We’re the guys that really come through when the going gets tough.
  • Rarely in this business will you run across a company that has the combined Local SEO experience,  real-world marketing acumen, work ethic, persistence & high client retention rates that we have.
  • Our program includes servicing everything needed for successful Local SEO including your website(s), Google Maps, business listings, etc.
  • We would never use any unethical techniques that would harm the future of your website like some companies do. On the contrary, most of our clients go through every Google change unharmed.
  • We’re a full-service company that handles the entire process A-Z, we’re totally self-sufficient.


Local businesses, consider this:

  • 20% of all internet searches in the U.S. are local searches.
  • 80% of people doing local internet searches will call or visit the businesses they find.
  • 54% of people doing local internet searches actively refer those businesses found to a friend.
  • 9 out of 10 people don’t click on PPC ads (sponsored links). They skip them as they know they’re ads and don’t trust them as much. Ask your friends.
  • 93% of all internet traffic is generated from internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask). The Yellow Pages are dead.


Local SEO is the best long-term strategy that all companies should be doing online these days – it is your new Yellow Pages.  The ROI is almost unmatched in any other form of marketing you do. We constantly have clients tell us that one sale paid for a whole year of our service.  If you want to get together a successful marketing program for your company, any experienced marketing person, business owner or executive knows that you will need several marketing programs going at any given time such as postcards, the internet, social media, etc.  When it comes to choosing a Local SEO company, we’ll take it off of your plate so you can effectively manage your job knowing that you have one of the best local SEO companies in the U.S.A. working for you. Call and use the best local SEO company.

Have more questions about SEO? View our SEO Frequently Asked Questions.


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